Our commitment


Preserving our planet

We’re trying, in our small way, to help preserve our planet through small, daily gestures, and we invite you to help us in this fight to preserve the environment and live within the limits of our earth’s capacities. This is not an obligation, but rather an eco-responsible attitude.

In this respect, we give maximum preference to natural, environmentally-friendly products for household products, food and bedding.


To avoid unnecessary consumption, please remember to turn off the lights when you leave your room and bathroom, as well as common areas.

For your comfort, we have installed air-conditioning in all rooms, as summers in our region are hot. However, before using the air-conditioning, do not hesitate to close the shutters and blackout curtains, especially when you are away, to keep the heat temperate and sometimes avoid using the air-conditioning when this can be avoided. If you do turn it on, remember to close the windows.

Don’t overheat the rooms – it’s not recommended for your health.


Water is without doubt the most precious resource we have, along with air.

You can avoid letting the water run unnecessarily, for example when brushing your teeth. When you ask for a change of towels, it’s not because they’re wet, but rather because they’re dirty.

This is not compulsory, just recommended to protect our planet.


In your bedroom, the garbage can will be used for paper, cardboard and glass, and in your shower room, the garbage can will be used for all other waste. In our organic garden, we have compost for food waste. That’s why, at the beginning of your stay, we’ll ask you what you’d like for breakfast, to avoid any unnecessary waste, and if you’d like to add anything to it during your stay, that’s perfectly possible, as long as you ask us.

We have a filtered tap for our water, and carafes of this water are available in your rooms and in the dining room, to limit plastic waste. However, if you would like plastic water bottles, we can supply them on request.


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