Wellness area

Your well-being

Come and recharge your batteries in our wellness area.

The Murel barns are an ideal haven of peace and serenity. Our guest house offers you the opportunity to complete your stay in the heart of nature with a moment of escape and relaxation by privatizing our wellness area on reservation.

PRIVATE WELL-BEING AREA by reservation only

  • 1 hour: €70 inc. tax (up to 2 people)
  • 1 Hour 30: €90 inc. tax (up to 2 people)
  • 2 hours: €120 inc. tax (up to 2 people)

It consists of :

The wellness area is not open to customers not staying in our guest rooms.


The hammam is a hot, humid steam bath that relaxes and purifies the body. It can help relax muscles and relieve muscular pain. It also helps improve blood circulation and blood vessel flexibility. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body and strengthen the immune system, contributing to detoxification and good health.


Sauna is a true art of living. The first traces of the traditional sauna date back over 2,000 years to Finland. The sauna’s dry heat relieves muscular tension, particularly during physical exertion such as walking or cycling. The sauna is known for its purifying properties, perfect for eliminating the stress and toxins of everyday life, but above all it’s a privileged moment of relaxation for both body and mind. It is also a sleep aid and a remedy for skin problems. The skin begins to perspire intensely, helping to open the pores and cleanse the body. Sauna uses the benefits of steam.


The SPA offers a moment of pure relaxation. The bubbling water produced by the various jets provides a relaxing massage effect. Hydrotherapy is beneficial for relieving pain, improving circulation, reducing stress and boosting the immune system, improving flexibility and mobility. It also helps reduce joint pain, sports injuries, sleep disorders and stress.


Massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system and reduces the secretion of cortisol, the hormone associated with stress. As you relax, breathing and circulation slow down, stress diminishes and your stomach begins to rumble, your body is in a state of complete rest. Massage helps you let go. These massages are performed by a professional on reservation (paying option).

  • 1 Hour: €70 incl. VAT for 1 person
  • 1 Hour 30 : 90 € TTC for 1 person

A foot reflexology massage is also available (for a fee), a holistic approach to the body. In this way, it helps you to regain or maintain good overall health, on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

  • 1 hour: €70 incl. VAT for 1 person


If you’d like to add a little sport to your relaxation, our wellness area has a treadmill for walking or running and a ladder for gymnastics, as well as a floor mat with a few fitness and gym accessories.

Our wellness area invites you to rest and relax on our rocking chairs over a cup of herbal tea in a cosy, relaxing atmosphere. The rustling of the fountain water will help you relax.

A few rules


For health reasons, access to the spa is strongly discouraged for children under 12, even if accompanied by an adult.


  1. The “Espace Bien-être” is open by reservation only (see reservation schedule at room reception).
  2. Access to and use of this relaxation area is strictly reserved for owners and tenants of guest rooms. Any departure from this rule can only be made with the formal agreement of the owners.
  3. The Espace Bien-être is all about relaxation. We ask you to respect our discretion
  4. Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in the wellness area.
  5. Wearing a clean, tight-fitting, dedicated swimsuit is imperative.
  6. If you come straight from your room, you can either stay dressed and change in the Espace Bien être changing rooms, or use your room’s bathrobe over your bathrobe.
  7. The owners of the “GRANGES DE MUREL” reserve the right to exclude and forbid entry to the wellness area to any person whose behavior contravenes these rules.
  8. We strongly advise you to drink plenty of water before and after your session to avoid dehydration.
  9. Showering is mandatory for access to the wellness area (hygiene measure).
  10. It is strictly forbidden to use the entire wellness area if you have skin lesions, plantar warts or other problems that could be transmitted for your own well-being.


The SPA is a professional model, and the water is renewed regularly, checked and balanced on a daily basis to guarantee the best possible sanitary safety.

Disinfectants in spa water, particularly bromine, are potentially harmful to the skin, hair and respiratory tract over the long term.

You probably don’t want to bathe in a cultured broth or harm your health, so please respect, at the very least, the following common sense rules throughout the wellness area:

  1. Do not exceed the SPA’s maximum capacity, i.e. 4 people, and do not exceed the maximum usage time for any session.
  2. It is imperative to shower and lather up as soon as you enter the wellness area, before using any of the treatments.
  3. No make-up, no sunscreen and no products of any kind on the body or hair.
  4. Long and/or dyed hair must be tied back and pulled up.
  5. Do not immerse your head in the spa water.


  • During pregnancy: The use of l’Espace bien être can be detrimental to the healthy development of the fetus. Limit use to 10 minutes each time.
  • People with cardiovascular disease or other medical contraindications are not allowed to use the Espace bien être.

  • Drowning prevention:
    the heat of the water reinforces the effects of alcohol, drugs or medication, and can cause unconsciousness. Leave the Wellness Area immediately if you feel uncomfortable or drowsy.

The contraindications of the hammam are mainly linked to the high temperature of the air and water in this space. For example, hammams are generally not recommended in cases of fever, infection or contagious disease, uncontrolled high blood pressure, heart failure, kidney failure, skin problems or open wounds. It is therefore advisable to seek medical advice before visiting a hammam if you are pregnant, suffer from a chronic illness or have a medical history.